TOK LLC and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport authorities reach agreement to extend rent contract by 30 years

26 november 2018

The property under the contract is essential for TOK’s refueling infrastructure. The extended contract will allow to continue reliably providing fuel to airlines at the airport. Currently the joint venture supplies over 70% of the airport’s jet fuel needs. The long-term agreement with the airport’s management team headed by Nikita Polonsky will lay the foundation for a stable jet fuel supply to the region. It will also drive the development of joint venture’s fueling facility fitted out according to the highest standards. To satisfy the growing fuel demand, TOK’s shareholders plan conducting a renovation of the facility’s infrastructure, as well as introducing the latest best practices in fuel quality control and HSE.

For reference:
TOK LLC is a joint venture between Rosneft Aero (a subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company) and Konstantin Basyuk (president of COMAX Management Company LLC). The company provides refueling services at Khomutovo airport in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.