Required documents

Pre-qualification requirements to parties intending to sign a direct OTC (over-the-counter) delivery contract (applicable to the Russian domestic market):

1. Direct OTC delivery contracts are signed with parties conforming to the following pre-qualification requirements:

1.1. The party is a reliable taxpayer.

1.2. The party has a strong financial position.

1.3. The party has a positive market reputation, and has never defaulted in performance or allowed negligent performance of its contract obligations.

1.4. The party meets transparency requirements specified by Rosneft for all prospective partners.

2. To ensure the transparency of Rosneft’s business and eliminate possible conflicts of interest and abuse of office, before a contract is signed, the party must be reviewed for compliance with the above criteria and its reliability examined by the Security Department. In order to achieve this, the party is requested to provide the following documents:

2.1. A questionnaire containing information about the party’s CEO, ultimate beneficiaries (founding members), physical address, contact telephone numbers, bank account numbers.

2.2. A summary of average monthly sales/purchases for the latest full year and major trading partners (if applicable).

2.3. Copies of articles of association, as well as amendments and additions to them (if applicable) affixed by the party’s seal.

2.4. Copies of incorporation certificates, documents confirming registration with a tax authority and enlisting in the Register of Companies.

2.5. A certified copy of an entry in the Register of Companies affixed by the party’s seal and obtained no later than 30 days prior to its submission to Rosneft.

2.6. A copy of financial statements for the latest full year (balance sheet, profit and loss statement), affixed by the party’s seal and duly approved by the tax authority.

2.7. A copy of financial statements for the latest full year (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, statement of changes in equity, cash flow statement, notes to financial statements) affixed by the party’s seal, as well as the auditor’s report (if applicable).

2.8. A tax clearance certificate affixed by the party’s seal.

2.9. A copy of the statement by the governing board to appoint (elect) a chief executive, affixed by the party’s seal.

2.10. A copy of the executive order empowering the chief executive to take the office, affixed by the party’s seal.

2.11. A power of attorney, confirming the right of the party’s agent to sign a contract, as well as a copy of the agent’s passport.