Doing business with us

We offer:

  • products conforming to world quality standards;
  • partnership opportunities over a broad geography;
  • direct contract delivery.

Rosneft Aero aims to widen its worldwide presence to ensure reliable service supply to our Russian partners both domestically and abroad.

Rosneft Aero is an IATA Strategic Partner. This status grants an opportunity to develop global partnerships and enhance expertise. Major IATA partnership benefits for Rosneft Aero also include an opportunity to update our knowledge base, share our own know-how, join efforts to solve an array of problems, and benefit from world’s best practices and regulations (IATA / IFQP / ICAO / JIG) in commercial and technical aspects.

We use a tailored approach to each client and come up with unique solutions that best meet the partner’s needs. Various aspects of this cooperation, such as terms of delivery, pricing, and services rendered, are discussed individually.

Each client is assigned a Key Account Manager available to address any customer need on a 24/7 basis.